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21 Scotts Ln
Philadelphia, PA, 19129
United States


Fonseca Coffee roasts and sells gourmet coffee, the majority of which is Fair Trade Organic certified.


Fonseca Coffee Our Story

Fonseca - From the Begining

Fonseca Coffee was established in 1986 as a non-profit funding organization whose sole purpose was to finance medical aid projects in Central America using proceeds from the sale of Nicaraguan coffee. Through persistent effort and profound creativity Fonseca Coffee's founder Dr. Thomas Noller was able to bypass the U.S. trade embargo that was in place against Nicaraguan products at the time. All these efforts culminated in 1988 in the building of a hospital in San Rafael Del Sur, a small town of 20,000 many of whom were refugees from surrounding war-torn regions.

Fonseca Coffee continued to commit to various aid projects throughout the 1990's and well into the new millennium through such things as providing medical aid to Nicaragua after hurricane Joan destroyed much of the eastern portion of the country and Haiti after the devastating earthquakes of 2010 that nearly decimated the entire country.

Today Fonseca Coffee is owned and operated solely by Florian Grohmann with a commitment to providing only the best possible fair trade organic coffee at prices that are substantially lower than the competition. We want to sell you good coffee and provide the best service we can, because that's what really matters.